ObamaCare Holding Back Economic Growth? Nah.

 Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain:

  • NRO: Sorry, Mr. President, There Is ‘Serious Evidence’ Obamacare Is Bad for Economic Growth
  • AP: Census: No Sign of Economic Rebound for Many in U.S.
  • The Hill: Franchise owners come to the Hill to plead for ObamaCare relief
  • Daily Beast: Obama’s Labor Pains: Unions Rage Against the Affordable Care Act
  • Washington Times: Georgia Health Care Company Cuts 101 Employees Due To Obamacare
  • Weekly Standard: Michigan School District Cuts Hours for Employees Because of Obamacare
  • Reuters: Cleveland Clinic announces job cuts to prepare for Obamacare
  • WSB-TV: Emory Healthcare to cut 100 jobs partly because of Obamacare
  • Associated Press: Premium concerns lead some small businesses to temporarily sidestep health law

 With less than two weeks until ObamaCare exchanges open …

  • Washington Examiner: Just 12 percent think Obamacare will have positive impact on their families
  • Fox News poll: 68 percent concerned about their health care under new law
  • The Hill: Disapproval of ObamaCare reaches new high, poll finds
  • NBC News: Poll: Obamacare remains highly unpopular as implementation looms
  • Washington Post: Many Americans confused about health-care law, poll finds
  • ABC News: Obamacare Arrives 3 Years Later, Little Understood and Not Well-Liked
  • CNN Money: Most employees still in the dark about health care reform

 ObamaCare: Overpromise and underdeliver

  • Bloomberg: Obamacare Doctor Rationing Begins in California
  • Weekly Standard: Walgreens Changes Health Care Plan for 160,000 Workers Because of Obamacare
  • KING5: Small businesses consider dropping health plans under Affordable Care Act
  • Reuters: U.S. government scales back Obamacare impact for 2014
  • Washington Times: With Obamacare in place, annual health spending to jump in 2014: report

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