Gregg: On House Vote on Market Stabilization Plan

WASHINGTON - U.S Senator Judd Gregg (R-NH), ranking member of the Senate Budget Committee, and lead negotiator for the Senate Republicans, today issued the following statement on the House vote on the market stabilization plan.

Senator Gregg stated, “Obviously this vote has severe ramifications as we’ve already seen a dramatic decline in the markets, which undoubtedly will have significant effects on Main Street and the everyday lives of Americans. This effort to stabilize the markets is not just an exercise in political ideology, but a critical and responsible measure to stave off serious fiscal trouble.  It is now time for both sides of the aisle, in both chambers of Congress, to recognize the need to act.  We must work together and find a way to advance this necessary legislation so we can begin to restore confidence in our markets, repair our economy, and make sure that American families can feel assured that their savings are secure, and their ability to finance their homes, cars, and children’s education is possible.”