Ensign Responds to President's Budget

Senator John Ensign, Chairman of the Republican Policy Committee, released the following statement after President Barack Obama put forward his budget plan.  Obama’s budget raises taxes and grows the size of government.
“As I have said many times in the past it is critical that we work together to solve this nation’s economic woes, and President Obama has indicated he wants to do this through an ‘honest’ budget.  But we need to remember that we don’t just need an honest budget, we also need an effective one.
“With this budget, Democrats have laid out their priorities for spending taxpayer dollars, and their priorities are clear: grow the size of government until it is entwined into every aspect of our lives.   The era of big government is back.
“This budget proposes over one trillion dollars in new taxes.  Don’t let the rhetoric fool you – it is not just the rich who will be responsible for paying for this colossal spending bill – every single American will feel the effect of this budget.  If you use electricity you will be taxed to pay for this bill.  It’s as simple as that. 
“Let’s get to work to craft a budget that protects taxpayers’ dollars while creating jobs at the same time.”