Bennett Statement Regarding the President's Budget

Senator Bob Bennett (R-Utah) today issued the following statement regarding President Obama’s outline of his administration’s budget.



Within the first few weeks of his administration, the president has passed a spending bill of one trillion dollars and unveiled a budget plan of over four trillion, which is projected to create a deficit level that our country has not seen since World War II. While I appreciate the president’s good faith effort in presenting a transparent budget, I fear that his budget focuses too heavily on taxing and spending.



“Small businesses and entrepreneurs are the backbone of our economy and increasing taxes will only stifle rather than foster growth. As Americans are finding ways to make cuts in the family budget, our government must also find ways to restrain from spending beyond our means.



“I am pleased, however, that the president recognizes the need to tackle the growing entitlement spending. Reducing entitlement spending is the real solution to the deficit problem, and I have both a Social Security and health care fix that will save our country money and improve the lives of Americans without increasing taxes.



“Expanding the government and increasing taxes and spending will not solve the financial challenges our country faces. As Congress reviews the details of the president’s budget, I hope we will keep in mind the long-term impacts.”