Bunning Supports Extension Of Benefits For Kentucky’s Unemployed

U.S. Senator Jim Bunning today supported The Unemployment Compensation Act of 2008 to extend temporary unemployment benefits. The legislation was approved by voice vote and will now go to the President’s desk for his signature.

"The current turmoil in the housing and financial markets along with the layoffs resulting from the troubled auto industry have unemployment on the rise and working families across Kentucky are feeling the pain," said Bunning. "It is my top priority to see that the working families across the Commonwealth get the help they need. I am glad that we were able to extend these benefits today in order to make sure that those folks who are out of work can continue to make ends meet until they are able to find a new job."

The bill would provide up to seven additional weeks of federal extended unemployment benefits to workers in all states, with up to an additional thirteen weeks of federal extended benefits for workers in Kentucky and other states with unemployment rates of six percent or higher.