Senator Judd Gregg Calls For Congressional Leadership to Ease Energy Prices For American Families

NH Senator calls for real action to change status-quo energy policy

Washington—Today, Senator Judd Gregg (R-NH) joined his Senate colleagues in calling for real action and comprehensive, aggressive energy solutions for American families and businesses by U.S. Congressional leadership.

Noting that gas and oil prices are continuing to hit record highs, Senator Gregg stated, “American families, businesses, and consumers are seeing their bills skyrocket from what they paid just over a year ago, and the average family will spend at least an additional $2,300 on gas this year. This increase in fuel prices is impacting the American household budget, not only at the pump, but on higher grocery and home heating bills, consumer products and other travel costs. It’s also placing an ever increasing strain on essential public services such as police departments, fire departments, schools, and of course, our military.

“The relentless increase in prices impacting Americans is a serious problem, and is compounded by Congressional liberals’ lack of vision for strengthening our nation’s economic independence and security.   Trial lawyers, more taxes, and knee-jerk opposition to domestic exploration of our own resources are no way to address high gas prices either. The idea that you can resolve the issue of production, availability and price by suing foreign nations –some of which, for example, Venezuela, have great animosity to us – is absurd on its face.

“During this Congress, liberals have continued to limit nearly all forms of domestic energy production—whether it is shutting down exploration onshore and offshore, instituting a moratorium on oil shale development, or maintaining regulatory hurdles for new refineries.  Held hostage by certain interest groups, the liberal Congress’s ‘energy outsourcing’ policy forces American families to become even more reliant on Middle Eastern oil and watch their hard earned dollars go overseas.

“It is high time to leave behind the outdated energy policies of the past and instead focus on the future of energy production and conservation in this country.  I look forward to joining my colleagues on both sides of the aisle to end policies that are taking a severe toll on American pocketbooks and instead develop common sense solutions that will directly impact energy prices and our own economic security.”