Sick of It

Nauseatingly high costs persist:

  • WWLP: State board okays Connector plan premium increases
  • Investor’s Business Daily: ObamaCare Costs To Colleges, Students Start To Show
  • Fox News: Ouch, bill for ObamaCare coming due
  • Wall Street Journal: Op-Ed: The Myth of ObamaCare’s Affordability
  • Forbes: Op-Ed: Obamacare’s Device Tax Grows More Devious
  • Juneau Empire: Op-Ed: Affordable Care Act far from affordable
  • Daily Signal: Obamacare Premiums in Nebraska to Rise by 11 Percent
  • Daily Caller: Dem Rep. Admits Obamacare Doubled His Family’s Health Insurance Costs
  • WOAI: Texas Workers Costs for Obamacare: $1050 a Year!
  • Fox 43: Insurance premiums spiking for small businesses

A rash of bad news for businesses:

  •  CNBC: Obamacare’s bill for small businesses? Big bucks, fewer jobs
  • Eau Claire Leader-Telegram: Health care legislation continues to cause businesses headaches
  • Newsmax: Economist: Obamacare Penalizes American Economy and Workers
  • Charlotte Observer: How Obamacare jams a stick in my company’s wheels
  • USA Today: Employer health plan deductibles see big 5-year jump

Americans are feeling sick: 

No relief: