Corker: Americans Want Responsible Health Care Reform – Not a Bill That Sends Unfunded Mandates to States, Takes Money from Medicare for New Entitlements, Passes Costs to Future Generations

WASHINGTON – U.S. Senator Bob Corker, R-Tenn., who spent 80 percent of his time on health care issues in 1995-1996 as Tennessee’s commissioner of finance and administration, expressed his disappointment in the House vote and outlined his opposition to the draft health care proposals in the Senate.

“I’m disappointed the House passed a bill instead of working toward bipartisan reforms that will stand the test of time. Like most Americans, I want to see responsible health care reform, but paying for it by sending unfunded mandates to states, taking money from Medicare – which is already insolvent – to fund new federal entitlements, and passing off costs to future generations does not pass the common sense test,” said Corker.