ObamaCare: A Budget-Buster for Middle-Class Families

Higher costs, fewer hours hurt Americans’ pocketbooks: 

  • Bloomberg: Another Problem Obamacare Won’t Solve: Health Costs 

  • Politico: The 2014 Obamacare tax wave 

  • Bankrate: Obamacare support weakens, workers pinched 

  • CBS Local: Obamacare Puts Volunteer Firefighting In Jeopardy 

  • Washington Times: PRATTE: Obamacare is smashing the hopes of America’s youth 

Moving the goal posts, again:  

  • The Hill: Report: Insurers delay O-Care payment deadline 

  • Reuters: Insurers push Obamacare payment deadline to late January 

Democrats crumbling under pressure: 

  • Colorado Peak Politics: Sen. Udall Pressured Insurance Division to Revise Cancellation Numbers Due to Obamacare 

  • Washington Times: GOP: Colorado’s Udall pressured state to ‘trash’ health insurance figures 

  • Denver Post: Colorado official felt pressure from Udall office on Obamacare tally 

  • Politico: Democrats blame big business for botched rollout 

  • Washington Post: Fact Checker: Harry Reid’s claim that under Obamacare 9 million people ‘have health care that didn’t have it before’ 

ObamaCare frustration persists: 

  • Baltimore Sun: Glitch in federal health site directing Marylanders to other states 

More bumps ahead: 

  • Yahoo News: IRS chief says may face budget crunch on Obamacare rollout 

  • Washington Post: A health industry expert on ‘the fundamental problem with Obamacare’ 

  • Reuters: Humana says mix of Obamacare enrollment worse than expected