Coburn: Senate Accepts “Line by Line” Review of Budget

(WASHINGTON, D.C.) – U.S. Senator Tom Coburn, M.D. (R-OK), released the following statement after the Senate requested a “line by line” review of federal spending be kept in the current budget resolution. The amendment is based on the promises that President Obama made during his campaign and in his first days of office.

“President Obama understands there is excessive spending with little oversight in our federal budget. It is time that Congress join the President and not only recognize we must do something but also take the first steps toward correcting the problem. Americans are worried about their family budgets and are also worried about the reckless spending habits of the federal government.

“Taxpayers are fed up with Washington’s bail outs and boondoggles that are bankrupting our nation. It is shameful that not a single member of Congress read the $1.2 trillion stimulus bill before it was hastily approved by Congress and signed by the President. Before we ask the American people to pay another cent for an inefficient program or we borrow another dollar from future generations, we have an obligation to ensure that we are not wasting precious resources that could be better spent by families across our nation.

“Congress is about to pass a $3.5 trillion budget for 2010 and estimates show less than half of that in total revenue for the same year. Without removing the over $300 billion that is lost to waste, fraud or abuse every year, Congress is jeopardizing our nation’s future. Congress must start setting the priorities the same way families across the country must. We can help President Obama keep his pledge to rid the government of its excessive waste and this is a step toward achieving that goal,” said Dr. Coburn.