Young Adults and ObamaCare: They're Just Not Buying It

Stung by Obama economy, younger Americans reject ObamaCare’s high costs: 
  • The Hill: ObamaCare has youth problem 
  • Fox News: Insurers raise cost concerns after ObamaCare demographic data released 

Higher costs hit middle class:  

  • Washington Post: Second wave of health-insurance disruption affects small businesses 
  • Bloomberg: Obamacare Small-Business Plan Lags Behind in Face of Cost 
  • WOOD: Study: ACA cost West Michigan 1,000 jobs 
  • NBC Connecticut: Some Applicants for Obamacare Wrongly Identified as Incarcerated 
  • Fox News: Rubio Op-ed: Sebelius, Congress should take ObamaCare bailout off the table 

True enrollment figures are hard to come by:  

  • CNN Money: The truth behind Obamacare 6 million coverage figure 
  • Washington Post: Warning: Ignore claims that 3.9 million people signed up for Medicaid because of Obamacare 
  • Weekly Standard: Official: No One Knows How Many People Have Actually Paid for Obamacare 
  • Forbes: The “Conversion Rate” On Healthcare.Gov: This Obamacare Number That Nobody Is Talking About May Be The Most Revealing 

Fearful Democrats dodging and weaving on ObamaCare:  

  • The Hill: WH delays another ObamaCare deadline 
  • Breitbart: White House Opposes ‘Costly’ Obamacare Transparency Bill 
  • Weekly Standard: Democratic Senator: We’ve Never Discussed Plans to Fix Obamacare at Party Meetings 
  • Politico: Survey: Obamacare worries Hill aides 

Spanish speakers frustrated by sloppy website:  

  • USA Today: Obamacare insults Hispanics: column 
  • Washington Post: Spanish version of apparently used computer translation? 
  • The Hill: Problems emerge at 
  • Politico: Hispanic group offers anti-ACA ad

 Never-ending exchange woes:  

  • St. Paul Pioneer Press: MNsure call center waits average 67 minutes as deadline for Feb. 1 coverage passes 
  • Washington Post: Maryland’s health Web site debacle: A scandal of incompetence 
  • CNNMoney:  Help! I can’t use my Obamacare benefits 

 Lax security testing is hacker paradise:  

  • Reuters: Republicans warn of security flaws in Obamacare website