Washington, DC – Senator John Ensign, Chairman of the Senate Republican Policy Committee, today released the following statement as Democrats prepare to introduce big labor's top legislative priority, the so called Employee Free Choice Act:
“Liberal Democrats have been waiting for an opportunity to pay back the unions and now the unions’ number one demand—the misnamed Employee Free Choice Act, is finally here. This is the worst possible time for this bill between its job killing consequences and its destruction of the rights to have a secret ballot election and bargain in good faith without outside interference,” said Ensign. “I am appalled by the Democrats’ decision to introduce this bill. I will not rest until this bill is dead.”
The Employee Free Choice Act's title is the first misleading part of the bill.  The legislation takes away a worker's right to a secret ballot in union organizing – a right that this free nation was built on and a right that is part of our history and Democracy.  Instead, it provides a "card check" process, which could lead to aggressive intimidation tactics by union bosses.