ObamaCare Continues to Strike Out

Swing and a miss: 
  • Gallup: Despite Enrollment Success, Healthcare Law Still Unpopular
  • The Hill: O-Care still unpopular despite enrollment numbers, poll finds
  • NJ Biz: Survey: Obamacare remains hugely unpopular
  • Washington Times: Majority of Americans do not like Obamacare, despite enrollment surge, poll shows
  • CNBC: Seven in 10 people say Obamacare had bad or zero impact on US
  • MainStreet: Obamacare Isn’t Worth It to 72% of Americans
  • Gallup: Few Americans Say Healthcare Law Has Helped Them

Hit with higher costs:

  • USA Today: Many employees hit with higher health care premiums
  • Alaska Dispatch: Alaska’s small businesses feel pinch of rising health care costs
  • Insurancenewsnet.com: Left Turn: Schools and Colleges Continue to Struggle Under ObamaCare’s Burdensome Mandates
  • Newsmax: Report: Rural Hospitals Struggle Under Obamacare Burdens
  • Time: The Hidden Cliffs in Obamacare
  • Wall Street Journal: Large Healthcare Cost Increases Are Built Into Obamacare Implementation
  • Post and Courier: S.C. Insurance Director: ‘Obamacare’ policies will cost more next year

Americans balk:

  • CNBC: Retiring early because of ACA? Not so fast...