It's been three years since the Democrat-controlled Senate last fulfilled its legal obligation to pass a budget, three years in which our national debt has grown to a staggering $15.7 trillion. Debt of that size will eventually cripple economic growth, yet despite the millions of Americans looking for jobs, Democrats continue to reject the notion of getting our nation's spending under control. Republicans will continue to fight for a budget to put our nation back on the path to prosperity.

Sen. Moran spoke to his colleagues in the Senate on May 16, 2012 to voice his concerns about our nation's continued out-of-control spending habit. He spoke about the great need to pass a federal budget in order to restrain spending and put our nation back on a path to fiscal responsibility.

U.S. Senator Johnny Isakson, R-Ga., called on his Democratic colleagues to stop reckless spending and pass a budget. He also reiterated his call for Congress to reform its appropriations process by switching from the current, broken annual system to a two-year system that would force lawmakers to conduct oversight on federal spending. May 15, 2012