Barrasso Op-Ed: Washington Democrats have put ideology ahead of the public’s priorities

Washington Democrats have put ideology ahead of the public’s priorities
Senator John Barrasso
Washington Examiner
October 6, 2022

In only 22 months, Democrats have taken America from recovery to recession. They’ve taken us from safety and security to crime and chaos. Democrats devalued the dollars in our wallets and opened the border.

When Democrats took complete control of Washington last year, the country’s best days were ahead of us. Inflation was nonexistent. Our economy was ready to boom. We were energy dominant. The southern border was secure.

Now we face an energy crisis, an inflation crisis, and a border crisis. Families feel less safe in their communities because the murder rate is the highest it has been in 25 years, as Democrats keep criminals on the streets. President Joe Biden created a crisis of competency on the world stage with his botched Afghanistan withdrawal and surrender to the Taliban.

For nearly two years, Biden, Chuck Schumer, and Washington Democrats have prioritized their far-left agenda over the needs of the people. Our country is on the wrong track because of their incompetence, mismanagement, and failure. […]

This is what America looks like with Democratic control of the House, the Senate, and the White House. The Democrats’ refusal to address the priorities of the people has led to crisis after crisis after crisis. Voters are united in their calls for an end to the Democratic-created crises.

Republicans will stop runaway government spending and reckless tax hikes. We will cut the punishing red tape that’s holding back economic growth. We will secure the border and make our communities safer. We will unleash American energy so families can afford to fill their tanks and keep their lights on.

The people deserve leaders who share their priorities.

John Barrasso is Wyoming’s senior U.S. senator and chairman of the Senate Republican Conference.

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