Barrasso Op-Ed: Biden enables, emboldens and enriches China — with your tax dollars

Biden enables, emboldens and enriches China — with your tax dollars
By Senator John Barrasso (R-Wyo)
New York Post
March 1, 2023

The world watched in disbelief and many Americans watched in disgust as President Joe Biden allowed a Chinese spy balloon to hover over our country for nearly a week.

Biden’s “old friend” Xi Jinping is reportedly soon headed to Moscow to strengthen his relationship with war criminal Vladimir Putin.

And the Department of Energy just concluded COVID likely came from a Chinese lab leak, but the White House pushed back, claiming there’s no “consensus.”

China continues to challenge our country, and Biden continues to back down.

Joe Biden has been enriching and enabling China at the expense of America for two years straight.

He has been weak and wrong about China for decades. It’s only getting worse.

Democrats’ obsession with electric vehicles has turned into a cash cow for China. Biden signed into law tasty tax breaks for EV makers and EV owners last year.

Most EVs use lithium-ion batteries. Three-quarters of these batteries are made in China. Biden’s dream of driving up EV sales would mean an enormous windfall for China.

China also makes money off American solar power. Right now, we have a shortage of US-made solar panels. Solar panels require a key raw material called polysilicon. Nearly half of the world’s supply is scavenged by Uyghur forced labor in China.

Democratic sun worshippers have sent a golden goose to Communist China.

As if all this were not enough, Biden is even giving our tax dollars directly to companies under Chinese control. […]

America’s energy policy is supposed to be for us and not our enemies.

Yet Biden has consistently forced Americans to pay higher prices and higher taxes while sending more and more of our money to our biggest rival.

China is going to continue to try to spy on us and challenge us on the world stage.

We should be ready for it, and we should respond to it.

We shouldn’t be forced to foot the bill.


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