VIDEOS: Senate GOP Witnesses Biden’s Border Catastrophe

Senate Republicans recently traveled to the Southern Border to witness Biden’s Border Catastrophe.

In Brownsville, Texas, Senators Roger Marshall (R-KS), Ted Cruz (R-TX), Ted Budd(R-NC), and John Hoeven (R-ND) spoke with overwhelmed border patrol agents about the challenges they’re facing. These agents are on the frontlines of Biden’s record-setting border catastrophe.

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In Del Rio, Texas, Senator Rick Scott (R-FL) took a helicopter tour of the Southern Border prior to the end of Title 42. Senator Scott saw unfinished stretches of the border wall as well as migrants illegally crossing into the United States.

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Joe Biden has no idea how bad the invasion along the Southern Border really is. During a weekend bike ride 2,000 miles away from the Southern Border, Biden claimed it wasn’t that bad. In reality, border patrol agents saw more than 11,000 illegal crossings in the days immediately following the end of Title 42.

While Senate Republicans have visited the border dozens of times, Biden told reporters he has no plans to see the impact of his failed, open border policies.

Senate Republicans have solutions to secure the border and protect our communities.