Barrasso Joins Fox News Sunday with Shannon Bream To Discuss China, NATO, and Ukraine

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CASPER, WY – U.S. Senator John Barrasso (R-Wyo.) appeared on Fox News Sunday with Shannon Bream to discuss the Biden administration’s approach to China and the president’s upcoming trip to the NATO Summit. They also discussed Russia’s ongoing aggression in Ukraine and providing Ukraine with the support they need. 

Below are key excerpts from the interview

On the Biden Administration’s Approach to China:

“Joe Biden is playing right into the hands of communist China. Never again can we allow ourselves as a nation to be dependent on them for anything.

“To see Secretary Yellen bowing down repeatedly in China is embarrassing and it’s emblematic of this administration. Just before she got there, they choked off the supply of key minerals we need for semiconductors, for solar panels. These people are stealing our trade secrets, buying up our farmlands, and killing our citizens with fentanyl.

“This foreign policy is a national security disaster. We ought to be less dependent, we need to be diversifying our supply chain.

“Instead the president is making it worse. He is shutting off mining for critical minerals in the United States while forcing people to buy expensive electric cars. He is making us poorer, he is making China richer, and will get worse next week when he sends John Kerry to China to continue this surrender.

“China is watching closely what we do on all fronts, but specifically in Ukraine. China and Putin said there are no limits to their friendship and both view the president as weak and indecisive. China is gearing up and looking at Taiwan. Taiwan needs weapons and technology to porcupine themselves. Show strength, not this slow surrender that I see from this administration.”

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On President Biden’s Trip to the NATO Summit:

First and foremost, this is what the president needs to do with NATO: hold their feet to the fire.

“500 days into the war, of all the money that has been contributed, the United States doubled what other NATO countries have done combined. Of the 30 nations, only seven are meeting their commitment to 2% of gross national product and that number has dropped since Joe Biden has come to office. 

“It is important for the president to point out all those countries are closer geographically to Putin, therefore much more vulnerable to him. Putin is not going to stop until he is stopped. The president needs to say that loud and clear at NATO this week.”

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On Getting Ukraine Weapons They Need: 

“I think it is important that NATO stay together and that we act in unity. And I think NATO has to be held accountable and do more, we cannot shoulder this burden alone, nor should we. There is lots of support in Congress for Ukraine, and it’s for technology, weapons, and information, it’s not for troops. 

“The best thing we can do now is step up. I see the president doing that now with the cluster bombs. I support those. This should have happened long ago. Russia has been using those for a long time. It just seems to me there is so much delay in the activity of this administration and ultimately getting to Ukraine what they need, but it is taking too long.

“The president has this misguided fear that any time we send anything to them, it will add to escalation in ways that Putin will then attack more. The Economist magazine this week reported in the last year, the Russians, Putin, have fired 10 million, an astonishing number, of shells into Ukraine and so many of these delays that we’ve had in this administration, I think have just prolonged the war and added to increased death.”

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On Providing Cluster Bombs to Ukraine: 

“I voted against that bill back in 2009. I support the use of these weapons. Russia has been using them all along, I think this fills a gap that the folks need in Ukraine in their battle. I wish they would have had them sooner.

“Right now, Congress, the House and the Senate are debating National Defense Authorization Act and that discussion will probably be part of those debates as we vote in Congress again.”

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