Biden’s climate hypocrisy

Today, President Biden gave a speech touting last year’s reckless tax and spend spree as the “most significant climate investment ever anywhere in the world.”

Biden is right about investments anywhere in the world. Senate Democrats’ $739 billion tax and climate spending package has benefitted Communist China. The Wall Street Journal explains, “At least 10 of the projects representing nearly $8 billion in investments included in the Journal’s analysis involve companies either based in China or with substantial ties to China.”

Senator John Barrasso (R-WY) penned an op-ed earlier this week calling out Biden’s climate hypocrisy when it comes to China: 

“When it comes to climate change, this administration is willing to suffer any humiliation to get China to pretend it agrees with Biden’s radical green agenda […] The Biden-Kerry climate agenda is eliminating one of America’s biggest geopolitical advantages – affordable, abundant, reliable energy. Meanwhile, China is growing its economy with no regard to emissions.”

President Biden needs to focus on unleashing American energy.