Barrasso Slams Biden’s Train Wreck Open-Border Policies

“Biden has been asleep at the switch, and people all across America are dying by the trainloads.”

WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Senator John Barrasso (R-Wyo.), chairman of the Senate Republican Conference, today slammed President Joe Biden’s open-border policies as a train wreck for the American people.

Click here or the image above to watch Senator Barrasso’s remarks.

“Well, Joe Biden’s border policy has been one train wreck after another.

“The reason I say train wreck is that the number of Americans who have died from fentanyl – since Joe Biden has been president – equals the number of people if you take an Amtrak train, fill it with people, crash the train, everyone dies every other day. That’s the number of people in America being killed by fentanyl.

“I also used a train analogy because Joe Biden should be familiar with the number on that train because he took the train back and forth to Delaware when he was a senator for 36 years.

“But last week, he went to Arizona. So Joe Biden goes to Arizona, which is a border state, where the number of illegal immigrants and lethal drugs that come across every day continue to kill Americans.

“He didn’t go to stem the flow of lethal drugs. No, no, no, he went to increase the flow of campaign dollars into his campaign accounts.

“He didn’t go to the border. He was so close to the border. He was closer than his regular daily train ride home to Delaware, but he didn’t go. He has so little respect for the Border Patrol or the citizens of this country or the communities in which they live by the border – ignored them completely. It is disgusting.

“Republicans have solutions. It’s the Secure the Border Act. Thirty of us have co-sponsored it. It secures the border from illegal immigrants and deadly drugs.

“Now you know when a train crashes they often say that the engineer was asleep at the switch. Well, Sleepy Joe Biden, he’s been asleep at the switch, and people all across America are dying by the trainloads.”