Senate GOP Stands With Israel // “Hardcore, Period, Full Stop”

Senate Republicans stand strongly in support of our ally Israel as it defends itself against Hamas’s horrific terrorist attacks.

Throughout the week, Senate Republicans stated how crucial it is for America to stand with Israel and for the Biden Administration to end its appeasement to Iran – the largest state sponsor of terrorism and the funders of Hamas.

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Ahead of President Biden’s remarks to the nation tonight, here’s what Senate Republicans are saying about America’s “hardcore” support for Israel:

Senator Jim Risch (ID): “You cannot mediate with terrorist organizations you have to go to the source and eliminate. The administration can no longer wish away the Iranian threat or attempt to appease the Iranians as they have […] We’re all in with Israel. You heard what was said in this room about what these terrorists did to these people. They have a right to defend themselves. They are our friends, they’re our allies – one of the closest allies we have. We are going to stick with them – hardcore, period, full stop.”

Senator John Barrasso (WY): “America cannot let Israel stand alone. That means getting Israel the weapons and military assistance that they need, Iron Dome interceptors, precision guided missiles, protective equipment, and intelligence support […] America’s support for Israel is unwavering. The message needs to be clear from the president, from his ambassador, and all the people in Congress today.”

Senator Marsha Blackburn (TN): “I led 19 colleagues in calling for President Biden to freeze the $6 billion ransom payments he gave Iran. We know Iran bankrolls Hamas, and yet it is perplexing why this administration refuses to issue a formal decision to freeze the $6 billion. We must permanently freeze the $6 billion to Iran […] And we must stand with Israel.”

Senator Pete Ricketts (NE): “This war has to be prosecuted until Hamas is destroyed. We should not be providing any resources to Hamas or Gaza until that is done […] We need to make sure that Israel has the resources to win this war. We cannot be supplying the enemy.”

Senator James Lankford (OK): “We not only stand with Israel, but we stand with the civilized world […] This kind of brutality simply because someone is Jewish is not only heinous and horrible but should be deplorable to everyone in the world regardless of your faith, background, community, or country that you’re from. We’re speaking out not only for Israel and its right to defend themselves, but we’re also speaking out for truth and for facts.”

Senator Deb Fischer (NE): “Hamas’s cold-blooded attack last week was loathsome, and it was obscene. What we see when we look at terror of that proportion, we have to have to have a response. Israel has to have a response […] They have the right and the responsibility to do what needs to be done. They have to defend themselves. We are there to offer them assistance […] We know that Israel will need more defense capabilities. They will need interceptors for the Iron Dome. We know that Israel will need more offense capabilities like precision guided missiles. We know that Israel will need medical equipment to help their troops, their citizens, and help them recover from the vicious attack by Hamas that is backed by Iran.”

Senator Roger Marshall (KS): “Joe Biden is the most pro-Iranian President we’ve ever had […] Iran not only funds terrorists, but they feed, arm, and plan terrorists attacks. Joe Biden is in bed with Iran for all practical purposes. Why won’t his White House set up and condemn Iran?”

Senator Roger Wicker (MS): “Until our federal policy is peace through strength, we will not have peace in the Middle East.”

Senator Katie Britt (AL): “We must stand shoulder to shoulder with Israel as they eradicate Hamas terrorists […] We cannot turn a blind eye to evil. We must stand firm with Israel […] We must squeeze out any type of financial resources Iran is getting, bone-crushing sanctions, and drying up each and every dollar that is headed to their hands […] We know that Iran is the largest state sponsor of terrorist. We know that. We know, they have told us, that their goal is to wipe Israel off the face of this earth. We need our leaders to stand firm and calling them accountable.”