Barrasso Op-Ed: The border is already a deadly serious situation. Biden’s latest request would make it worse

By Sen. John Barrasso (R-Wyo)
Fox News
November 28, 2023

President Biden has requested over $100 billion in the name of national security. His request fails to address America’s number one national security risk: a wide-open southern border.

Republicans and Democrats have opposing views of what is needed at the border. Republicans want to stop the flood of illegal immigrants. Democrats want to smooth the flow.

Democrats want taxpayer money for sanctuary cities and social services for illegal immigrants. Republicans want to finish the wall, increase funding for Border Patrol Agents, and make real policy changes.

Our line in the sand is the Rio Grande.

National security starts with border security. The president and Democrats in the Senate do not seem to believe this simple truth. […]

Senate Republicans want to strengthen our Southern Border. We have solutions to make our country safer.

Earlier this month, we outlined effective policy solutions to stop the flood of illegal immigrants and deadly drugs into our country. These solutions include finishing the border wall, DNA testing to stop traffickers from exploiting children, and restoring the successful Remain in Mexico policy. The sooner these commonsense policies become law, the safer our country will be.

Shamefully, instead of considering these proven solutions, Senator Schumer prefers to do nothing. He pans the Republican proposal as a “total non-starter” for Democrats.

Senator Schumer needs to face reality. Rolling out the welcome mat for illegal immigrants has done great damage to the country. Just ask Senator Schumer’s hometown mayor, Eric Adams, who says that the flood of illegal immigration is “destroying” New York City.

The American people feel the weight of Biden’s border disaster. Thousands of Americans have felt the heartache of losing a family member to fentanyl. The threat of a terrorist attack is increasing, as evidenced by the recent warning from the Department of Homeland Security.

This is a deadly serious situation. Democrats’ open border policies created it. President Biden’s supplemental budget request would make it worse.

With the world becoming more dangerous, real border security is a top national need. Republicans have solutions to make our country safer. These measures must be included in any national security bill going to the president’s desk. Without them, there will be no national security bill.


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