NDAA: Supporting Our Troops and Keeping America Safe

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Senate Republicans made a promise to restore America to a position of global strength. With this week’s passage of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), Senate Republicans are keeping our word.

The NDAA reflects Senate Republican priorities to support our servicemembers, provide for their families, and ensure our military stands ready to face emerging threats around the world.

Top 10 GOP NDAA Wins:

  1. Supports our servicemembers with the largest pay raise in at least 20 years.
  2. Holds “woke” Pentagon bureaucrats accountable by rooting out divisive ideology.
  3. Helps secure the homeland by including critical U.S. border security measures.
  4. Confronts China with hard power and enhanced regional cooperation.
  5. Rebuilds our “Arsenal of Democracy” and improves coordination with allies.
  6. Harnesses cutting-edge technologies and new authorities to modernize the Pentagon.
  7. Prioritizes development of key near-term defense and deterrence programs.
  8. Takes aim at reversing Biden’s recruitment crisis.
  9. Supports U.S. interests in Europe.
  10. Stands with our ally Israel and our Middle Eastern partners against terrorism.

Here’s what Republican Senators are saying about the NDAA:

Senate Armed Services Committee Ranking Member Roger Wicker (MS): “This year’s National Defense Authorization Act will support our troops, increase our weapons production, & help us project the kind of strength that can dissuade our enemies from moving against us.”

Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell (KY): “This year’s NDAA recognizes the need to strengthen America’s position in strategic competition with China through targeted improvements to critical capabilities – from long-range fires and anti-ship weapons to modernizing our nuclear triad… “It’ll give America’s men and women in uniform a pay raise.”

Senator Deb Fischer (NE): “The fed govt’s first responsibility is the safety and security of this nation. This year’s #NDAA will give our troops a pay raise and includes my provisions to modernize our nuclear forces, boost munitions production, and bolster our natl. security.”

Senator Tom Cotton (AR): “Our troops pledge their lives to the defense of the United States, and this bill gives them more support and funding to perform that important mission.”

Senator John Barrasso (WY): “The National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) ensures America has a strong military to keep us safe in an increasingly dangerous world. Americans can rest easier knowing our military will continue to have the resources it needs to confront growing threats from China, Russia and other adversaries.”

Senator John Thune (SD): “I am pleased to report that this year’s NDAA does make some genuine progress on the readiness front… I’m also pleased that this year’s NDAA takes measures to keep our military’s focus on warfighting, and not the dissemination of ‘woke’ ideologies by Pentagon bureaucrats.”

Senator Mike Rounds (SD): “Our members on the Senate Armed Services Committee have worked hard all year to craft this piece of legislation. The NDAA is a prime example of Congress putting politics aside to provide for our strategic national security interests and achieve results for our men and women in uniform.”

Senator Joni Ernst (IA): “Just voted to pass an #NDAA that includes my efforts to: support our servicemembers, curb the fentanyl crisis, help secure our border, defund China’s Wuhan Lab, counter Iran, China, and Russia…”

Senator Dan Sullivan (AK): “This year’s NDAA affirms Alaska’s importance to our nation’s defense during the most dangerous period since World War II… I was also able to secure several provisions that I have long been pushing for to address our military’s readiness to defend our country and counter the aggressive aims of the dictators in Beijing and Moscow.”

Senator Kevin Cramer (ND): “For 62 years in a row, Congress has prioritized and passed a National Defense Authorization Act, ensuring our troops have the necessary equipment and resources they need to carry out their missions.”

Senator Markwayne Mullin (OK): “It’s a privilege to represent Oklahoma on the Senate Armed Services Committee and bring home substantive wins for our five world-class military installations, The NDAA includes massive investments for Oklahoma’s military and defense industry, secures a 5.2 percent pay increase for America’s warfighters, and strengthens U.S. defense capabilities to counter foreign threats like Communist China.”

Senator Ted Budd (NC): “In order to be a strong nation, we need a strong military. The NDAA’s conference report provides significant support to North Carolina’s servicemembers, their families, and our military installations…This year’s package also helps the United States confront the Chinese Communist Party, invests in American manufacturing, and secures critical supply chains.”

Senator Katie Britt (AL): “Today, I voted to support the Fiscal Year 2024 NDAA, which contains major wins for Alabama, for our national defense, and for conservatives. This legislation includes a 5.2 percent pay raise for our troops, forces the Biden Administration to resume construction of the wall at our southern border, and ensures that all future military promotions are solely based on an individual’s performance and merit.”

Senator Shelley Moore Capito (WV): “We must always show that support for our men and women in uniform and the strength of our military will continue to be our top priority. This year’s #NDAA reflects that and I’m proud to join my colleagues in passing this bill tonight.”

Senator Bill Cassidy (LA): “When Louisiana and our military are strong, our country is strong. These investments in U.S. bases like Barksdale send a clear message to the world that the United States is always ready to defend itself and will never bow to our adversaries.”

Senator John Cornyn (TX): “We live in a dangerous world, and maintaining our paramount strength and the deterrence that flows from that is absolutely imperative…The NDAA will support our troops, strengthen our military readiness, and implement a raft of reforms to strengthen national security.”

Senator John Hoeven (ND): “We’ve worked to ensure that this year’s NDAA provides our men and women in uniform with a pay raise, while authorizing key upgrades to Air Force, Space Force and National Guard operations across North Dakota.”

Senator Ted Cruz (TX):  “This week, Congress came together to fund our military and protect our national security, and I’m proud it included several of my measures…Overall, this bill ensures our military is able to defend the United States at home and abroad, and it secures Texas as a pillar of America’s defense capabilities.”

Senator Steve Daines (MT): “This year’s NDAA delivered huge wins for our national security & for Montana, including @malmstromafb. I’m proud to support our men & women in uniform & protect the homeland by bolstering infrastructure at Malmstrom, protecting our southern border and countering China.”

Senator Lindsey Graham (SC): “Very glad that the Senate has shown overwhelming support for the passage of the NDAA… he passage of the defense authorization bill makes us a stronger nation.”

Senator Chuck Grassley (IA): “Passing the NDAA is a core way Congress can prioritize U.S. national security, this legislation will empower the Defense Department to sharpen its strategies relating to conflicts abroad, enhance its recruitment tools and support military families.”

Senator John Kennedy (LA): “This year’s National Defense Authorization Act includes consequential investments for Louisiana and America. The funding will give our service members a much deserved pay raise, strengthen border security and keep China, Russia and Iran in check by bolstering U.S. military readiness.”

Senator James Lankford (OK): “This year’s final product is a bipartisan agreement that provides critical funding, authority, and policies that assure our military can continue to keep us safe. worked especially hard to include numerous state-specific provisions to support the missions of our Oklahoma military installations.”

Senator Jerry Moran (KS): “Responding to threats from around the world begins with a strong military. This year’s NDAA invests in our nation’s weapons stockpiles and technology, provides support and resources for our military families and makes strategic investments to fortify our defenses against adversaries like China and Russia.”

Senator Pete Ricketts (NE): “At a time of growing threats from adversaries like the People’s Republic of China, Russia, Iran, and North Korea, this defense bill focuses on deterring aggression and keeping Americans safe.”

Senator James Risch (ID): “This defense authorization legislation not only provides this needed raise but it keeps American military readiness on track, reinstates border wall construction, removes woke liberal priorities in our Department of Defense, provides millions to Idaho, and ensures taxpayer dollars are spent in a responsible fashion.”

Senator Tim Scott (SC): “Whether it’s the border crisis here at home or our adversaries flagrantly attacking our troops and allies around the globe, we’ve witnessed first-hand the dangerous repercussions of President Biden’s weak leadership on the world stage. This year’s NDAA takes critical steps to restore American leadership…”

Senator Todd Young (IN): “The National Defense Authorization Act is one of the most important pieces of legislation Congress considers each year. I’m pleased the final bill includes several critical priorities I’ve worked on, including greater DoD transparency, ensuring our warfighters are equipped with the world’s best capabilities, and supporting Indiana’s defense industrial base and workforce…”

Senator John Boozman (AR): “This legislation is critical to our national security and ensuring we have the capabilities to defend against our enemies. It makes critical investments in modernizing weapons and deterring threats from adversaries like Russia, China and even at our own vulnerable borders.”

Senator Rick Scott (FL): “Florida is home to thousands of brave men and women who wake up every day and put on the uniform, and it is my goal to ensure Washington works for them. I am very proud of the progress we made in this year’s NDAA, the much-deserved 5.2% pay raise we secured for our men and women in uniform, and the big wins we got for Florida and U.S. national security.”

Senator Mitt Romney (UT): “With the growing threats we face, it is paramount that our military has the resources, equipment, and capabilities it needs to keep our nation safe. This bipartisan and bicameral legislation strengthens our national security and supports our servicemembers at this critical time.”

Senator Marco Rubio (FL): “This year’s defense bill is an important step towards ensuring a secure and innovative America. The NDAA contains a number of provisions I championed that strengthens the U.S. military’s mission to be ready to confront our adversaries.”

Senator Susan Collins (ME): “This legislation addresses the national security threats facing our nation today and supports the brave men and women of our armed forces. Additionally, the NDAA will support hardworking Mainers at BIW, PNSY, Pratt & Whitney, and elsewhere across the State, who make invaluable contributions to our defense.”