Barrasso: Prices Are Out of Control and Democrats Are Out of Touch

WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Senator John Barrasso (R-Wyo.), chairman of the Senate Republican Conference, today slammed Democrats’ high prices after the May Consumer Price Index revealed prices have risen over 20 percent since January 2021. 

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Sen. Barrasso said:

“Joe Biden is the president of high prices, and the Democrats are the party of high prices.

“Prices are out of control, and the Democrats are out of touch. The Democrats want people to believe that the economy is going just fine.

“Try to tell that to somebody who can only afford about half of a grocery cart full of food.

“Right now, four out of five Americans say going out for fast food has become a luxury. Go through the drive-thru, you get some burgers and fries and drinks for the family and the kids – it’s over $50.

“Prices are up over 20% since Joe Biden came into the White House, and people are suffering as a result of that. It costs about $1,000 a month more now to keep up with where they were when Joe Biden came into the White House. People don’t have that extra $1,000 per month, so they’re falling further behind.

“This past weekend in Wyoming, I was with our coal miners, ranchers, and a group of our veterans of foreign war. They are all feeling the squeeze. They’re struggling to pay their bills. They’re concerned about providing for their families.

“These are the people who feed us, who fuel us, and who fought for us.

“They know what we need to do to alleviate the suffering that they’re experiencing under Joe Biden’s high prices. It’s stop this reckless Washington spending. It’s cut these expensive government regulations. And it’s unleash American energy.

“That’s exactly what Republicans will do if we win back the Senate and the White House and hold on to the House.

“Democrats’ enduring legacy will be that of the party of high prices. Republicans want to end that legacy and get America back on track come November.”