If one thing has become clear over the three years since President Obama's health care law passed Congress, it's that our country can't afford the so-called Affordable Care Act. ObamaCare is already raising health care costs and making our economy worse, and it hasn't even been fully implemented yet. It's time to repeal the president's $2.6 trillion law and enact commonsense, step-by-step reforms that will give patients the care they need from the doctor they choose, at a lower cost.
Three years ago, Republicans warned that the president's $2.6 trillion health care law was the wrong medicine for our nation's health care system. Today it's clear that Republicans were right. The president's $2.6 trillion health care bill not only shows no signs of fixing the problems in our health care system but gives every indication that it will make our problems worse by driving up taxes, health care costs, and premiums; limiting patients' health care choices; and increasing the challenges facing small businesses. It's time to repeal the Democrats' health care law and enact commonsense, step-by-step reforms that will allow patients to get the care they need, from the doctor they choose.
Despite 40 straight months of unemployment above 8 percent, 23 million Americans unemployed or underemployed, and a 100 percent increase in the ranks of the long-term unemployed since the president took office, the president recently claimed that "the private sector is doing fine." Mr. President, the private sector is not doing fine. It's time for the president to stop pursuing policies that have failed to make things better and start working with Republicans to create an environment in which the private sector can flourish.
This month marks the second anniversary of the president's so-called Recovery Summer, which his administration touted as the start of an economic recovery brought about by the president's policies. Two years on, however, Americans are still waiting for the promised recovery. Unemployment, which the president's stimulus bill was supposed to prevent from exceeding 8 percent, has not only exceeded 8 percent but has remained above 8 percent for 40 straight months, and finding a job has become so difficult for many people that hundreds of thousands have dropped out of the labor market altogether. The American people are looking to their leaders to create an environment conducive to private-sector job creation and economic growth. The president's policies have just made things worse.