U.S. Senator Johnny Isakson, R-Ga., called on his Democratic colleagues to stop reckless spending and pass a budget. He also reiterated his call for Congress to reform its appropriations process by switching from the current, broken annual system to a two-year system that would force lawmakers to conduct oversight on federal spending. May 15, 2012

The Saving the American Dream plan, which I have proposed, puts us on a sustainable and affordable path toward economic growth. It reforms our tax code to make paying taxes a simple, transparent, and equitable process that regular people can perform on their own.

It's been more than three years since Senate Democrats last passed a budget, despite the fact that federal law requires the Senate to pass a budget every year. Meanwhile, our national debt has soared, further threatening our already struggling economy. If Democrats were really serious about economic recovery, they would work with Republicans to pass a budget that restrains government spending and gives our nation the kind of sound financial footing that will allow our economy to flourish.
The Obama economy has resulted in 39 straight months of unemployment over 8 percent, a 47 percent increase in the debt, a 23 percent increase in worker health insurance costs, and gas prices that are double what they were when the president took office. It's no wonder that half of recent college graduates are unemployed or underemployed. Instead of proposing serious solutions to these problems, President Obama continues to focus on distracting the American people from his record by manufacturing controversy over issues like extending the lower rate on student loans. It's time for the president to stop playing politics and start working with Republicans to address the economic challenges facing the American people.
Reacting to President Obama's congressional "to-do" list, Senator John Thune, chairman of the Senate Republican Conference, instead suggested that several items should be added to an "Obama Stop List." The president needs to stop pushing job-killing regulations, stop blocking the Keystone XL Pipeline, and stop increasing taxes on job creators.