Our country is currently facing serious economic challenges -- high unemployment, stratospheric levels of debt, high gas prices -- and members of Congress should be focused on offering serious solutions. Instead, Democrats have chosen to offer political gimmicks like the Buffett Tax, which would discourage investment just when our nation really needs it and do almost nothing to reduce our enormous debt. Improving our economy requires both parties to cooperate on things like lowering gas prices by tapping our vast domestic energy resources or eliminating burdensome government regulations to make it easier for small businesses to create jobs. Unfortunately, as long as Democrats are more focused on winning political points than on solving our nation's problems, our economy -- and the American people -- will continue to suffer.

The Buffett Rule is a cynical campaign effort to distract from our economic problems. It does nothing to solve our jobs problem. It does nothing to solve our deficit and debt problem. It does nothing to lower gas prices.