Let's Make History

Oct 05 2020

Amy Coney Barrett would make history as the FIRST mother of school-aged children EVER to serve on the United States Supreme Court. Let's shatter glass ceilings. Let's make history. #ConfirmACB


Sep 27 2020

Supremely qualified. Constitutionalist. Mom of 7. Senate Republicans will give President Trump's nominee-Judge Amy Coney Barrett-full and fair consideration, and a timely vote on the Senate floor.
Stronger trade deals. Killing terrorists. National security tools. Justice reform. Coronavirus relief. Democrats spent their year blocking + delaying progress on issue after issue after issue. Don't believe us? We made a timeline!
Promises made. Promises kept. (Even the small ones!) Behind the scenes with Leader McConnell on the ground in middle America

How much longer?

Aug 05 2020

shootings: up murders: up burglaries: up auto thefts: up arrests: down...? How much longer will Democrat leaders keep their heads buried in the sand?
The HEALS Act provided the tools to reopen responsibly and sends relief to the Americans who need it most.