Democrats like to talk about job creation as their number-one priority, but their actions tell a different story. Instead of supporting the JOBS Act, legislation to help small businesses which recently passed the House with overwhelming bipartisan support, Senate Democrats have chosen to waste time on a series of political votes on judicial nominations. Meanwhile, President Obama spent the day of the House vote on the JOBS Act lobbying against the Keystone pipeline and the 20000 jobs it would create. If Senate Democrats really cared about jobs, they would immediately bring the JOBS Act to the Senate floor and get it to the president as soon as possible.
President Obama may have inherited a tough economic situation, but again and again, he's made it worse. Obama's record so far includes an unemployment rate that has exceeded 8 percent for 37 straight months, a $15.5 trillion debt (a 46 percent increase in just three years), and gas prices that have more than doubled since he took office. If the president were serious about improving our economy and alleviating the burden on the American people, he would work with Republicans to cut spending, encourage private-sector job creation, and put in place a real all-of-the-above energy policy that would lower gas prices by developing domestic energy resources.

Jobs or Judges?

Mar 13 2012

On Sunday, Senator Schumer said, "Democrats are focused like a laser on jobs." One day later, Senator Reid filed cloture on 17 judicial nominations. So, which is it? Jobs or judges?

On the Senate Floor, Senator Lee fights to protect hardworking Americans from the failed Obama energy regulations that are increasing gasoline prices and the price of many of the other goods and services Americans purchase.

Despite the fact that gas prices have doubled since he took office, President Obama continues to demonstrate his fundamental lack of seriousness about the issue. Among other things, he has suggested exacerbating already high prices by taxing oil and gas producers, rejected the Keystone XL pipeline and its reliable supply of oil, and proposed tapping the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, a solution he tried last summer which lowered gas prices by a few cents for just two weeks before prices rose again. The president needs to pursue the kind of real "all-of-the-above" energy strategy supported by Republicans, which would lower gas prices and improve our energy security by developing all of America's energy sources.