Senator John Thune (R-S.D.) speaks on the Senate floor to discuss the Obama Administration’s failure to heed warnings from budget experts and Congressional Republicans about the unsustainable CLASS program in Obamacare, before the bill was passed into law.  Thune says the entitlement should be repealed immediately.

Burdening business owners with additional taxes has never been a good way to spur job creation, and the Democrats' new tax hike proposal won't work this time either. Future economic growth depends on getting government off the backs of small businesses, freeing them to grow and create jobs. It's time for Democrats to get serious about job creation and work with Republicans to make it easier and cheaper to create private-sector jobs.
Despite bipartisan opposition to his most recent stimulus proposal, President Obama continues to insist that Congress should pass his bill, even though it's just more of the same failed policies from the president's first stimulus. Senate Republicans believe Congress should follow the bipartisan path it recently pursued when it passed the Colombia, South Korea, and Panama free trade agreements and focus on passing other measures that will free businesses to grow and create jobs.
Senate Republicans applaud the fact that Congress will at long last pass the trade agreements the president has been delaying for years. Republicans emphasized that the agreements are the kind of job-creating measures Congress should be focusing on. Increasing trade opportunities, cutting our deficit, and reducing the burden of government regulations will help our economy grow by spurring private-sector job creation.

The president's latest stimulus proposal is nothing more than a rerun of the same failed policies of his first stimulus bill. Even members of the president's own party are pointing out that his bill is clearly not the medicine our ailing economy needs. Instead of hiking taxes on job creators and drowning small businesses in regulation, we need to focus on fostering private-sector job creation by cutting the deficit, reforming our tax code, eliminating burdensome regulations, and getting government out of the way of job creators.