The Obama administration's new mandate to require most church-affiliated organizations like church-run hospitals and universities to provide contraception in employee health plans even if they are opposed by the church is a violation of religious freedom. Senator Boozman delivered this speech in opposition to that mandate.

Aware of his failure to improve the economy over the past three years, the president has adopted a new strategy to deflect attention from his record: distract and divide. The president is attempting to distract the American people with partisan political attacks, like his campaign against so-called SuperPacs (a campaign which has weakened considerably now that the president has decided he wants a SuperPac of his own) and his decision to use his National Prayer Breakfast speech to suggest divine endorsement of his tax plans. Meanwhile, he is trying to divide the American people by employing the distinctly un-American rhetoric of class warfare to pit different groups of Americans against one another. Clearly, the president has moved a long way from "hope and change."
President Obama likes to talk about helping the middle class, but his economic policies have done anything but help. In fact, he's made it worse. Thanks to the Obama Economy, American families are struggling under the weight of high gas prices, rising health insurance costs, college tuition hikes, and falling home values. It's time for the president to stop clinging to his failed economic policies and work with Republicans to pass reforms that will bring real relief to ordinary Americans.
The American people are struggling under the effects of the Obama economy - an ever-increasing national debt, high unemployment, skyrocketing gas prices, and rising health insurance costs. Republicans have a plan to grow our economy and create an environment in which job creation can flourish. We hope Democrats will join us in reforming the tax code to fuel economic growth, stopping job-killing regulations, and increasing energy security to reduce energy prices and create American jobs.
President Obama has had three years to improve our sagging economy and help middle-class Americans. But rather than helping, his policies have just made things worse. Our debt has increased, unemployment is up, families are struggling with higher energy costs ... the list goes on. It's time for the president to stop opposing job-creating projects like the Keystone XL pipeline and work with Republicans to put in place policies that will get Americans working again.
The president has spent a lot of time lately talking about tax "fairness" - the president's term for tax hikes designed not to decrease the deficit or generate revenue but to drive wedges between Americans for the sake of the president's political advantage. This strategy will backfire, however, because envy and class warfare have never been part of the American values the president touted in his State of the Union. Republicans believe we need to focus not on tearing down but on building up by creating an economic environment in which every American can flourish.
With unemployment over 8 percent, more than 13 million Americans out of work, and small businesses struggling under the weight of government regulations, Congress and the president should be doing everything they can to spur private-sector job creation. Unfortunately, the president chose to pass up 20,00 jobs - plus the prospect of tens of thousands more - when he rejected the Keystone XL pipeline. This is not the way to get Americans back to work. Senate Republicans are committed to fostering private-sector job growth by reducing our deficit, reforming our tax code, eliminating onerous regulations, and supporting projects like the Keystone pipeline.