In the Weekly Republican Address, Sen. John Barrasso of Wyoming, recently elected to be Senate Republican Policy Committee Chairman discusses the importance of the Keystone XL pipeline and urges President Obama to stop stalling on the project.

Sen. Barrasso explains, "Republicans are working on legislation that will make it easier and cheaper for the private sector to create jobs for all Americans. For example, the creation of the Keystone Pipeline—a shovel ready American energy project. It will create as many as 20,000 construction jobs and 100,000 indirect jobs and it will strengthen our nation's energy security. Keystone would allow us to transport 700,000 barrels of oil a day from our northern neighbor Canada to refineries in the United States. Having a steady source of energy from our friend and ally here would make us less dependent on energy from the volatile Middle East—and that is good for America. Everyone from members of the United States Chamber of Commerce to members of Labor Unions support this project."

Unfortunately, Sen. Barrasso notes, "[T]he President has threatened to veto this bill because the pipeline is opposed by a number of extreme environmental groups. These are the same groups who in the past have supported the President and he needs their support for his reelection. It appears that President Obama is opposing these new American jobs in order to try to save his own job. It's time for the President to stop playing politics. After repeatedly saying, 'We Can't Wait' for American job creation, the President now wants Americans to wait on the jobs from the pipeline until after next year's election."

He adds, "If the President successfully blocks these new jobs, it will only add to his long list of bad economic decisions for our country. While the President may have inherited a bad economy, he has made it worse. Earlier this week, in a '60 Minutes' interview, the President said that he has not overpromised. His record shows otherwise."

Sen. Barrasso concludes, "The Keystone pipeline is a real solution that President Obama should embrace immediately to create new jobs across America. The House of Representatives has now passed the Middle Class Tax Relief and Job Creation bill. This bill gives the President everything he has claimed to be for. It extends payroll tax relief for hard working Americans. It helps those who are still looking for work. And it is paid for by actually cutting government spending. . . . To get Americans back to work, small business owners need a level of predictability that they just don't have with this President and this Administration. We need more from the White House than threats to veto a bill that would create 20,000 jobs for Americans."
Republicans in Congress have been pushing for bipartisan legislation to extend the payroll tax holiday and unemployment benefits and spur job creation. Unfortunately, the president has declined to work with Republicans and is opposing job-creating measures like the Keystone Pipeline - a shovel-ready project that would create 20000 jobs right away with the potential for tens of thousands of additional jobs later on. It's time for the president to stop talking about jobs and start working with Republicans to actually create them.