Senator Reid is currently sitting on several jobs bills that would help small businesses expand and create jobs by making it easier for them to obtain capital. Despite the fact that all the bills passed the House of Representatives with overwhelming bipartisan support and three have actually been endorsed by the White House, Senator Reid has still not brought the bills up for consideration. Republicans in the Senate are ready to act. It's time for the Democrat leadership to stop talking about job creation and start doing something about it.

News coverage of U.S. Sen. Jim Inhofe (R-Okla.) reaction to President Obama's FY2013 budget that projects a 4th straight year of deficits over $1 trillion.

U.S. Senator Jim Risch says the president's budget doesn't cut it during a speech on the Senate Floor on February 14, 2012.
The US economy is struggling under the weight of trillion-dollar deficits and high unemployment. Unfortunately, instead of stepping up and providing real leadership, the president has put forward a budget that is more campaign document than serious proposal. Undeterred by our stratospheric debt and high unemployment, the president has suggested adding a further $11 trillion to the debt over the next 10 years and raising taxes on job creators who are already struggling under burdensome government regulations. This is the exact opposite of what needs to be done to get our economy on a sound footing again. It's time for the president to stop worrying about his reelection and start offering serious proposals to reduce our nation's debt and create an environment in which private-sector job creation can flourish. The president also needs to abandon his attack on religious liberty and restore to all Americans the free exercise of their constitutional right to live in accordance with their religious beliefs.
With unemployment over 8 percent, the number one priority should be creating jobs. Unfortunately, the president has chosen to adopt policies that discourage private-sector job creation and burden American businesses. A crushing national debt, onerous government regulations, and the constant threat of tax increases are not measures designed to instill confidence in businesses and encourage them to create jobs. Senate Republicans are committed to reforming the tax code, eliminating job-killing regulations, and increasing American energy security to create an environment in which private-sector job creation can flourish.
The administration has already used Obamacare to justify an unprecedented level of intrusion into the personal health care decisions of Americans. Now the Obama administration is using the health care law to justify depriving Americans of one of their most basic rights: the right to freely practice their religion. America was founded on the belief that each person should be able to follow his or her religion and the dictates of his or her own conscience free from government interference. The Founders considered this right so fundamental that they chose to make it the first right listed in the Bill of Rights. Now the Obama administration has decided that Obamacare gives it the authority to overturn two hundred and twenty-five years of freedom and force Americans to pay for services that violate the tenets of their faith. This is an unacceptable government intrusion into matters of conscience, and Republicans will not let it stand.
Three years ago, President Obama set a course for fiscal austerity by promising to cut the deficit in half by the end of his first term. Unfortunately, his fiscal year 2013 budget demonstrates once again that his promise was meaningless. The president talks a good game, but his actions speak louder than his words. Instead of meaningful debt reduction, the president has offered a budget that will add a staggering $11.2 trillion to the national debt over the next 10 years - despite the fact that our nation is already more than $15 trillion in debt.