'Last night, Senate Republicans also moved ahead on legislation that private contractors who do work for federal, state, and local governments have been asking us to enact as a way to protect jobs...The best thing about this proposal: not only is it bipartisan, it's also part of the President's bill. So here's another example of something we could do for job creators that we know will actually become law. And there's no reason I can think of that this legislation shouldn't get 100 votes in the Senate.'

Republican Senators Mitch McConnell, John Barrasso and Marco Rubio joined franchise business owners from Maryland, Virginia and Georgia to discuss the burdens that policies being pushed by Democrats in Washington are placing on businesses' ability to hire workers and grow the economy. Senate Republicans have been calling for bipartisan policies that make it easier and cheaper for businesses to expand, hire new employees and turn our economy around.

Senator John Thune (R-S.D.) speaks on the Senate floor to discuss the Obama Administration’s failure to heed warnings from budget experts and Congressional Republicans about the unsustainable CLASS program in Obamacare, before the bill was passed into law.  Thune says the entitlement should be repealed immediately.

Today on the Senate floor, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid defended his new spending bill with tax hikes on small businesses. He went on to say that the private sector is doing "just fine," and called for more federal spending on government employees.

Burdening business owners with additional taxes has never been a good way to spur job creation, and the Democrats' new tax hike proposal won't work this time either. Future economic growth depends on getting government off the backs of small businesses, freeing them to grow and create jobs. It's time for Democrats to get serious about job creation and work with Republicans to make it easier and cheaper to create private-sector jobs.
Despite bipartisan opposition to his most recent stimulus proposal, President Obama continues to insist that Congress should pass his bill, even though it's just more of the same failed policies from the president's first stimulus. Senate Republicans believe Congress should follow the bipartisan path it recently pursued when it passed the Colombia, South Korea, and Panama free trade agreements and focus on passing other measures that will free businesses to grow and create jobs.