Burdening business owners with additional taxes has never been a good way to spur job creation, and the Democrats' new tax hike proposal won't work this time either. Future economic growth depends on getting government off the backs of small businesses, freeing them to grow and create jobs. It's time for Democrats to get serious about job creation and work with Republicans to make it easier and cheaper to create private-sector jobs.
Despite bipartisan opposition to his most recent stimulus proposal, President Obama continues to insist that Congress should pass his bill, even though it's just more of the same failed policies from the president's first stimulus. Senate Republicans believe Congress should follow the bipartisan path it recently pursued when it passed the Colombia, South Korea, and Panama free trade agreements and focus on passing other measures that will free businesses to grow and create jobs.
Senate Republicans applaud the fact that Congress will at long last pass the trade agreements the president has been delaying for years. Republicans emphasized that the agreements are the kind of job-creating measures Congress should be focusing on. Increasing trade opportunities, cutting our deficit, and reducing the burden of government regulations will help our economy grow by spurring private-sector job creation.

The president's latest stimulus proposal is nothing more than a rerun of the same failed policies of his first stimulus bill. Even members of the president's own party are pointing out that his bill is clearly not the medicine our ailing economy needs. Instead of hiking taxes on job creators and drowning small businesses in regulation, we need to focus on fostering private-sector job creation by cutting the deficit, reforming our tax code, eliminating burdensome regulations, and getting government out of the way of job creators.

In the Weekly Republican Address, Senate Republican Policy Committee Chairman John Thune explains how President Obama's economic and regulatory policies are making things worse.

Sen. Thune says, "For months now, my Republican colleagues and I have been saying that President Obama has made our economy worse since he took office. This past week, even he admitted that the American people are not better off than they were four years ago. Just since his inauguration in 2009, there are two million more people unemployed, six million more people living in poverty, and 13 million more on food stamps. Our federal debt has increased by 39 percent. That's more than $4 trillion dollars."

On the president's latest stimulus proposal, Sen. Thune points out, "President Obama's policies are damaging our economy, and his proposed solutions are not serious. His latest stimulus bill is so flawed that Senate Democrats have rejected it and are rewriting it, not to grow jobs, but to improve their political standing. It's nothing but a rehash of the same failed ideas he's already tried, combined with a huge tax increase. This is a cynical political ploy that's designed not to create jobs for struggling Americans, but to save the president's own job. This cannot continue."

For a positive step, Sen. Thune points to the free trade agreements which have bipartisan support and can create jobs. "[W]e can finally implement the free trade agreements we've negotiated with Panama, Colombia, and South Korea.... Altogether, these three trade deals will boost U.S. exports by more than $12 billion. And all that new exporting means new U.S. jobs -- 70,000 of them as a result of the South Korea agreement alone. So I was glad to see that President Obama finally submitted the trade deals to Congress, after letting them sit on his desk for almost 1,000 days. It's extremely unfortunate that we had to wait so long for the president to do something so simple, to help promote American exports, and create American jobs.... Republicans in Congress are ready to take up these trade deals, so Americans can get back to work. I hope the Democrats will join us in this effort."

Sen. Thune also points out the problems with President Obama's regulations and the lawsuit against Boeing from the National Labor Relations Board. He says, "Regulations and excessive red tape kill jobs, increase our dependence on foreign oil, and impose costs that American business owners cannot afford."

Sen. Thune concludes, "Washington, under President Obama has grown too powerful, and has hurt job creation. Too often Washington is the problem, not the solution, and we've seen the results since President Obama was sworn in and started moving our country in the wrong direction. The president is right when he says that Americans are not better off today than they were four years ago. And if we're going to get off this wrong track that he's put us on, President Obama has got to change course."