Senate Republicans urge the president to stop dragging his feet on trade agreements that would help create jobs for American workers. The president has talked a lot about job creation; now it's time for him to take action and help jump-start our economy by submitting the South Korea, Panama, and Colombia free trade agreements to Congress.
Our country is in the midst of a serious budget crisis, yet it has been 755 days -- more than two years -- since Democrats have proposed a budget. Instead of making a serious effort to address America's financial challenges, Democrats have focused on scoring political points and attempting to maintain their hold on power. Senate Republicans are urging Democrats to get serious about our nation's debt and work with Republicans to develop a long-term solution to secure our nation's financial future.
Senate Republicans are committed to helping American families and businesses by advancing energy legislation that will increase American energy production and create new energy jobs here at home. In contrast, Democrats have responded to soaring gas prices and the challenges they pose to American families and businesses by putting forward an energy bill that would not only fail to lower gas prices, but would actually drive already high gas prices even higher. It would also further jeopardize our economy by pushing American jobs overseas and increasing our dependence on foreign oil.
Gas prices are soaring, and American families and businesses are suffering as a result. Instead of trying to reduce gas prices, however, Democrats have proposed legislation that would not only drive gas prices even higher, but would also reduce the number of American jobs and increase our reliance on foreign sources of energy. Republicans are committed to protecting American families and businesses from the Democrats' energy "plan" and enacting legislation that will help lower the price of gas by developing more American energy sources. Republicans are also focused on fostering job creation by reducing our nation's debt and opposing Democrats' attacks on American companies.
The president and his administration like to talk about helping American businesses and families, but too often their actions contradict their words. Opposing attempts to make America energy independent, targeting companies who are creating jobs, and attempting to inject politics into government contracting are just some of the administration's actions that are making it harder for American families and businesses to prosper.
Senate Republicans emphasize the need to address soaring gas prices by finding more American energy. Senate Republicans also discuss their plan to foster job creation by reforming the tax code, eliminating burdensome government regulations, addressing our nation's spending problem, reducing our dependence on foreign oil, and replacing Democrats' health care bill with reforms that will actually lower costs.
Federal over regulation is crippling job creation and preventing our economy from getting out of the current downturn. Senate Republicans are committed to spurring economic growth and creating jobs by decreasing regulation, increasing private investment and economic certainty, and making our economy more competitive.
Senate Republicans emphasize the need to fix Washington's spending problem, reduce the debt, and create an environment where private-sector job creation can flourish. Republicans are also committed to adopting a low-cost energy policy that focuses on finding more traditional and renewable energy sources here at home while using less.
Immediate action is required to address our nation's spiraling debt and put entitlement programs on a sustainable path for the future. Republicans have put forward serious solutions to our nation's debt and spending woes; now it's time for the president to join Republicans and offer a plan to secure our nation's economic future and leave a prosperous America for our children and grandchildren.
Democrats' resistance to serious spending cuts is endangering both our economic recovery and our nation's future. When 40 cents out of every dollar spent by the government is borrowed, it is past time to address our nation's spiraling debt. Republicans are working hard to put our nation back on a path to fiscal responsibility to create an environment in which private-sector job creation can flourish.