As our economy continues to stagnate, Congress faces a choice: balance the budget, or let America go broke. Republicans believe that members of Congress should have to stick to a budget like American families do. That's why every Republican has sponsored a balanced budget amendment that will rein in Congress' out-of-control spending and put our country back on a path to fiscal stability and economic growth.
Despite the fact that the administration's economic policies have failed to pull our economy out of its deep slump, Democrats and the president are pushing for more of the same. They want to run up our deficit, raise taxes on job creators, and cripple small businesses with burdensome regulations. Republicans think it's past time for a new economic policy -- one that frees up businesses to grow and create jobs and pays down the debt that is burdening our economy.
President Obama seems to be taking his economic policies straight from the Jimmy Carter playbook -- more spending, more government - and he's gotten nearly identical results: a stagnant economy, high unemployment, and high energy costs. Yet Democrats and the president are proposing more of the same. Deficit spending and burdensome government regulations didn't work then, and they're not likely to work now. It's past time for the president to lead, realize his administration's policies are making our economic situation worse, and work with Republicans to develop legislation that will allow businesses to create jobs and lessen our enormous debt.
The administration's overspending and overregulating have made an already tough economic situation worse, yet the president and his allies keep proposing more of the same. Senate Republicans believe our country needs a different direction. They are calling on the president to put forward real solutions like the ones Republicans have put forward as part of the Senate Republican Jobs Plan. Economic recovery will only happen if Congress and the administration commit to regulatory relief, lower taxes, reduced spending, and fewer health care mandates.
One year ago, the administration promised a "summer of economic recovery." Unfortunately, not only did the summer of recovery fail to materialize, but in the year since the administration made that promise, the president's policies have actually made things worse for businesses. Senate Republicans are working to get government out of the way so that businesses have the freedom and security they need to grow the economy and create jobs.
One year after Democrats' so-called "Recovery Summer," the American people are still waiting to see some evidence of the promised recovery. Instead of spurring an economic recovery, Democrats have burdened job creators with a ballooning debt, burdensome regulations, and a climate of uncertainty. Senate Republicans are working to advance their jobs plan, which focuses on cutting the debt, reducing regulations, and giving businesses the certainty they need to grow and create jobs.
Not content with pursuing policies that have failed to grow the economy, the administration is now actively discouraging job creation by attacking the Boeing Company for building a plant in a state that protects the right of workers not to unionize. Senate Republicans are urging the president to speak out in support of Boeing and reject the National Labor Relations Board's attempt to stifle job creation in America. Senate Republicans are also urging the administration to address Medicare's looming bankruptcy by sitting down with Republicans to work out a way to secure Medicare's future for the long-term.
Despite 9.1 percent unemployment and the clear disapproval of the American people, Democrats and the president are continuing to push for their favorite tax-and-spend economic policies, which have completely failed to bring about an economic recovery and only made the situation worse. Republicans believe it is high time for the president and congressional Democrats to get serious about the economy and work with Republicans to develop real solutions to our nation's economic challenges.
Senate Republicans urge the president to stop dragging his feet on trade agreements that would help create jobs for American workers. The president has talked a lot about job creation; now it's time for him to take action and help jump-start our economy by submitting the South Korea, Panama, and Colombia free trade agreements to Congress.
Our country is in the midst of a serious budget crisis, yet it has been 755 days -- more than two years -- since Democrats have proposed a budget. Instead of making a serious effort to address America's financial challenges, Democrats have focused on scoring political points and attempting to maintain their hold on power. Senate Republicans are urging Democrats to get serious about our nation's debt and work with Republicans to develop a long-term solution to secure our nation's financial future.