Instead of focusing on the American people's priorities -- namely, jobs and reducing government spending -- Democrats are continuing to endanger job creation by defending their budget-busting health care legislation and planning even more unnecessary spending. Senate Republicans are committed to reducing the cost of health care, cutting spending, and creating an environment where businesses can grow and create jobs.
The American people are tired of Washington's big-spending ways and are calling for action to reduce the deficit. Senate Republicans are committed to taking action to cut spending and remove government obstacles to private-sector job creation.
Senate rules like the filibuster were established to protect minority rights and ensure that all Americans' voices are represented in the Senate. The Senate is supposed to be a place where consensus is built, not a place where the majority chokes off the views and voices of the minority.
While Democrats focus on a laundry list of political priorities, Republicans continue to focus on the priorities of the American people: creating jobs, growing the economy, and preventing tax hikes on families and job creators.