Senate rules like the filibuster were established to protect minority rights and ensure that all Americans' voices are represented in the Senate. The Senate is supposed to be a place where consensus is built, not a place where the majority chokes off the views and voices of the minority.
While Democrats focus on a laundry list of political priorities, Republicans continue to focus on the priorities of the American people: creating jobs, growing the economy, and preventing tax hikes on families and job creators.
Despite a Democratic agenda focusing on political items, Republican senators continue to focus on the economy during the lame-duck session. Republicans are working to freeze spending, fund the government, and ensure that nobody's taxes are raised during these difficult economic times.
Americans are begging Congress to use the lame-duck session to focus on jobs and the economy. Unfortunately, Democrats would rather play politics and consider special-interest legislation than take action to prevent tax hikes, lower the deficit, and spur job growth.
Senate Republicans have spent the past two years fighting for the American people's priorities. As we look toward the new Congress, newly elected and current Senate Republicans will continue to oppose Democrats' tax hikes, fight for policies that will promote job creation and economic growth, and work to repeal the Democrats' health care bill and replace it with real health care reform.
Newly elected Republican senators are joining current Republican senators in their efforts to change Washington by cutting spending, promoting private-sector job creation, protecting families and small businesses from Democrats' tax hikes, and repealing Democrats' health care bill and replacing it with reforms that will actually lower costs.
The newly-elected leadership of the Senate Republicans commit to cutting spending, decreasing the national debt and supporting job creation in the private sector. Republicans will continue to work to create jobs and focus on the issues that are most important to the American people.