At a press conference in the US Capitol, Republican leaders warn Democrats not to use the legislative end run known as reconciliation to jam through partisan health care legislation that has already been rejected by the American people. Republicans are urging Democrats to start over on health care and work with Republicans to craft bipartisan legislation that lowers health care costs.
Over the past year, Republicans have outlined a series of step-by-step health care reforms that will lower costs. Republicans are urging Democrats to abandon their 2700-page, trillion-dollar health care bill, which the American people have already rejected, and instead work with Republicans to craft bipartisan health care legislation.
At a press conference in the US Capitol, Senate Republicans point out that Democrats' words contradict their actions on health care: Democrats may talk about bipartisanship, but they continue to push a partisan health care bill that the American people have already rejected.
At a press conference in the US Capitol, Republicans emphasize that Democrats budget will result in more taxes, more spending, and more debt. Democrats may talk about fiscal responsibility, but their budget is just more of the same.
The president's speeches emphasize things like fiscal responsibility and his willingness to work with Republicans, but the reality seldom matches the rhetoric, as the recent release of his bloated budget and his failure to consider Republican ideas on health care make clear.
Rising unemployment and an ever-increasing deficit, a stimulus bill that failed to stimulate the economy, budget-busting health care legislation that would raise taxes and cut Medicare, and broken promises on transparency and closing Guantanamo it hasn't been a very good year for Democrats. Here, the year in review.
Prior to the State of the Union, Senate Republicans discuss three of the most pressing issues facing our nation: the economy, government spending and national security. Senators Mitch McConnell, Lamar Alexander and John Cornyn said they hope President Obama uses his State of the Union to focus on these issues and works with Congress, in a bipartisan fashion, to address these concerns.
From crashing teleprompters to lost elections, it has been a tough year for the Democratic party. This video brings together a few of the high (or low) points.