The Democratic Party is divided, with some Democrats beginning to question the wisdom of the job-killing energy policies and tax hikes proposed by the president and Democratic leadership. Senate Republicans are committed to protecting our economy from the dangers of "cap-and-tax" policies and opposing Democrats' attempts to raise taxes on American families and small businesses.
Instead of burdening businesses with higher taxes and more regulations like the Obama administration is doing, Republicans believe we should create jobs by creating an environment in which businesses -- particularly the small businesses who are responsible for so much of the job creation in this country -- can flourish.
The American people are tired of watching Democrats and the president drive our nation deeper and deeper into debt. Republicans are working to restrain spending and prevent our ballooning deficit from burdening our children and grandchildren.
The administration and congressional Democrats continue to demonstrate just how out of touch they are with Americans' concerns about high unemployment, out-of-control government spending, and our ballooning national debt. Republicans are urging Democrats to abandon their job-killing agenda and focus on economic policies that protect small businesses and don't drive our nation ever deeper into debt.
Senate Republicans urge Democrats in Congress to join them in addressing our nation's soaring debt by freezing discretionary spending. Adopting the proposed Sessions-McCaskill spending freeze is an important first step toward permanently reining in out-of-control federal spending.
Over the Fourth of July work period, Republicans warned about the dangers of runaway Washington spending and urged Democrats to listen to the American people's concerns about our ballooning national debt. Republicans are committed to responsible economic policies that won't burden businesses and families or leave our children and grandchildren paying for our spending.
Democrats announced they will not pass a budget this year, despite our nation's spiraling debt and the ever-increasing costs of Democrats' bloated health care bill. Republicans are continuing to fight for lower spending and more responsible use of taxpayer dollars. Republicans are also committed to ensuring that the oil in the Gulf is cleaned up and that those responsible for the spill are held accountable.
The American people are tired of Democrats' out-of-control spending habits. At a press conference in the Capitol, Senate Republicans emphasize that spending restraint, not tax hikes, is the way to deal with our ballooning deficit.
Republican senators point out that the president's national energy tax proposal is not the answer to the oil spill in the Gulf. A national energy tax would increase the challenges facing the Gulf state economies and place an unacceptable burden on families and businesses across the United States.