Republican senators highlight the dangers of allowing the EPA to draft its own regulations on greenhouse gas emissions. The EPA's plan would result in lost jobs and burden American families and businesses with high energy taxes. Congress, not unaccountable federal bureaucrats, should be drafting carbon regulations.
On May 20, 2010, Senators Lamar Alexander, John Thune, Judd Gregg, and George LeMieux held a press conference to discuss the national debt, which is approaching $13 trillion, and Americans concerns about out-of-control Washington spending.
Americans are right to be concerned about our country's enormous debt, especially given the Congressional Budget Office's recent announcement that the health care bill will not in fact provide the deficit reductions the president promised. Republicans are committed to addressing Americans' concerns with fiscally responsible policies that will create jobs, grow the economy, and reduce our nations deficit. Learn more at
Senate Republicans emphasize the need for a thorough, timely, fair, and complete review of Elena Kagans record as the Senate considers her nomination to the Supreme Court. Republicans also highlighted the need for a thorough investigation of the Gulf oil spill to discover where failures occurred and ensure that such an accident does not happen again.
In a press conference on Capitol Hill, Senate Republicans offered an amendment to the financial regulation bill that would create a consumer protection agency to protect Americans from Wall Street abuses while not burdening small businesses and community banks with new regulations.