From crashing teleprompters to lost elections, it has been a tough year for the Democratic party. This video brings together a few of the high (or low) points.
Rising unemployment and an ever-increasing deficit, a stimulus bill that failed to stimulate the economy, budget-busting health care legislation that would raise taxes and cut Medicare, and broken promises on transparency and closing Guantanamo it hasn't been a very good year for Democrats. Here, the year in review.
The American peoples' dissatisfaction with Democrats' health care proposals recently propelled Scott Brown to victory in Massachusetts. Republicans are urging Democrats to go back to the drawing board to draft real health care reform that will lower costs, strengthen Medicare, and increase access to health care for all Americans.
At a press conference in the US Capitol, Senate Republicans point out that Senator-elect Scott Brown's win in Massachusetts is a clear sign that Americans are fed up with Democrats' attempts to ram through health care legislation that would raise taxes, slash Medicare, and drive up insurance rates. Republicans want to start over on health care and work with Democrats to develop health care legislation that will provide real reform.
Republicans are fighting against Democratic health care reform proposals, which would cut your Medicare, raise your taxes, and threaten your health care choices. We believe that any health care reform legislation should lower costs and expand access without raising your taxes or adding billions of dollars to the deficit.
Republicans are pushing for more information about Senator Reid's supposed health care compromise but apparently even Democrats don't know the details. Republicans will continue to push for reform that actually lowers health care costs and doesn't raise taxes or cut Medicare benefits for seniors.
During debate on the Senate floor, Republican senators emphasize that the Democrats' health care bill would expand Medicaid and impose more unfunded mandates on states. Republicans want to start over and take a step-by-step approach in order to achieve real reform.