The U.S. economy added 2.5 million jobs in May. That's the BIGGEST JOBS INCREASE EVER!

Senate Republicans stand with those *peacefully* protesting the murder of George Floyd. Peaceful protest is in the fabric of America & is how social change occurs. But riots + violence only create more pain. It destroys neighborhoods & hurts innocent people. IT MUST STOP.

we're back.

Jun 03 2020

NASA + SpaceX: Making History. American astronauts returned to space on an American rocket from American soil for the first time in nearly 10 years.
$3 trillion. That's three zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero. That's more than the GDP of Canada and Mexico combined. Yet-in all of that spending-Speaker Pelosi's bill includes NOTHING that would actually help Americans get back to work. Telling.

America: All in.

May 21 2020

President Trump + Republicans in Congress are standing shoulder-to-shoulder with the American people as we fight daily to defeat this virus and safely reopen. We're all in. America is all in. And we'll rise from this pandemic united + stronger than ever before.

As Democrats played politics with their impeachment trial, COVID-19 began spreading.

Now, as we all work together to overcome this pandemic, Nancy Pelosi is STILL playing politics—but this time, it's with millions of American jobs. Enough is enough.

We must refill #PPP now.

Angelo's Taverna in Denver's Alamo Placita neighborhood has been in business for 48 years. However, the ongoing coronavirus pandemic is putting even the city's most successful restaurants to the test. However, there is finally some relief. The restaurant group just learned each business will receive around $400,000 in the form of small business loans through the Paycheck Protection Program. Around 75 percent of that money will be used to bring around 200 furloughed employees back to work.
The #PaycheckProtectionProgram is literally saving millions of jobs. It's helping small businesses stay open. FUNDS WILL RUN OUT TOMORROW. Yet, here's Speaker Pelosi *congratulating* Senate Dems for blocking more funding.