Republicans are pushing for more information about Senator Reid's supposed health care compromise but apparently even Democrats don't know the details. Republicans will continue to push for reform that actually lowers health care costs and doesn't raise taxes or cut Medicare benefits for seniors.
During debate on the Senate floor, Republican senators emphasize that the Democrats' health care bill would expand Medicaid and impose more unfunded mandates on states. Republicans want to start over and take a step-by-step approach in order to achieve real reform.
During debate on the Senate floor, Republican senators emphasize that Democrats' health care bill which would cut Medicare, increase health insurance premiums, and drive up the deficit is not health care reform.
Business leaders join Republican senators to emphasize that taxes in Democrats' health care reform bill would seriously damage small businesses, who are responsible for a majority of the job creation in this country.
Back in October of 2004, Senator Byrd led a mini-revolt on the Senate floor during a rare Sunday session. Today we're watching Democrats attempt to pass a $2.5 trillion health care bill that will raise taxes, increase premiums and cut Medicare. The Senate's President Pro Tem's remarks are still relevant five years later.
Senate Republicans emphasized the need to restore the Medicare benefits millions of seniors will lose due to the massive Medicare cuts -- including cuts to home health care benefits -- in Democrats' health care legislation. Instead of taking half a trillion dollars from Medicare to fund a new program, Republicans want to focus on strengthening Medicare so seniors who have spent their lives paying into the program get the care they deserve.
Senate Republicans discussed the impact the almost half trillion dollars in Medicare cuts contained in the Democrats' health care bill will have on the quality of care currently enjoyed by the approximately 40 million American seniors using the program, particularly the 11 million using Medicare Advantage.