During the health care debate on the Senate floor, Republicans criticize the tax hikes in the health care bill, noting that they will raise health care costs for patients and doctors and damage small businesses at a time when our country is facing 10 percent unemployment.
In a speech on the Senate floor, Senator Mike Johanns (R-Neb.) emphasizes that every pro-life senator should cast a no vote on allowing the Senate to consider the Democrats health care reform bill, which would require at least one government-sponsored insurance plan to cover abortion and would allow taxpayer dollars to subsidize such plans. All it would take, Senator Johanns points out, to defeat public funding of abortion is for one pro-life Senate Democrat to stand up for his or her principles and vote no on considering the bill.
At a press conference in the US Capitol, Republican senators emphasize Americans opposition to Democrats health care reform proposals, which would raise taxes, increase premiums, cut Medicare, and drive up the deficit.
On Capitol Hill, Republicans point out that the Democrats health care bill doesnt address the fundamental issue: reducing health care costs. Instead, Democrats bill would increase premiums and taxes, cut Medicare, and drive up the deficit.
On Capitol Hill, Republicans argue for a step-by-step approach to health care reform to reduce health care costs and avoid the excesses of a 2000-page, trillion-dollar bill that would increase premiums, increase the debt, cut Medicare, and put government in control of health care decisions.
Senators Alexander, Gregg, and McCain raise concerns with the latest version of the Democrats health care bill that raises premiums, raises taxes and cuts Medicare for millions of American families. Sen. Alexander declared, "The era of the 1000-page bill Is over; the era of the 2000 page bill has arrived."