Alongside President Trump's administration, Congress will do *whatever it takes* to help the American people weather this storm.

PHASE 1: signed March 5

PHASE 2: signed March 18

PHASE 3: signed March 27

We will make it through this. Together.

Help is on the way.

President Trump signed the Coronavirus Aid, Relief & Economic Security Act into law. This is a rescue operation for the American people.

Stop the Spread

Mar 16 2020

We're ALL in this together. And we can ALL do our part to help stop the spread of coronavirus. Here's how:
The health and safety of the American people is our top priority. Together with President Trump, the Senate provided the emergency funding that the experts told us they need. The package is a critical component of our country's clear and targeted response to coronavirus.
Republicans are building an inclusive economy where Americans from every background are finding new jobs and new opportunities. President Trump has kept his promises, and the state of our union is STRONG. ???? #SOTU