Why is #TaxReform important to small businesses? We ask Sen. John Kennedy (R-La.) "Tax cuts are going to let business women and business men keep more of their own money. ... This tax cut package is going to give small business people and individual Americans more freedom." - Sen. John Kennedy
"Tax reform for West Virginia families means more money in their own pockets, to make decisions for their families, whether it's to buy a new car, to buy new shoes for the kids. It means more decisions made at the family in West Virginia, rather than here in Washington, D.C." - Sen. Shelley Moore Capito (R-W.Va.)
Why is tax reform important? Chairman John Thune is glad you asked. Tax reform will give us a fairer and simpler tax system, which means better jobs and bigger paychecks for hardworking Americans.
Tax relief for middle-income Americans, families, and small businesses is on the way with the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act.

A Veteran's March

Nov 10 2017

Sen. Joni Ernst (R-Iowa), a combat veteran, goes on a march to the Washington Memorial with fellow veterans and staff to remember the sacrifices of our nation's veterans.
Senate Republicans and the White House are united on tax reform that will positively benefit American families and small businesses.
Watch Senator Ted Cruz, Senator David Perdue, Senator Shelley Moore Capito, U.S. Senator Dean Heller, Senator Thom Tillis, Senator John Thune, Senator John Barrasso, and Senator Steve Daines highlight the need for tax reform and the impact it will have on American families, small businesses, and the economy.
In 2009, President Barack Obama faced just one cloture vote on his district and circuit court nominees. This year, President Donald Trump has faced 10. Senate Democrats' historic stalling of President Trump's well-qualified judicial nominees is wasting valuable legislative time. It's time for Senate Democrats to do their jobs.