The bipartisan Energy Modernization Policy Act is a common-sense bill that saves Americans money, improves energy reliability, and increases our nation’s energy security.

Modern Energy

Feb 02 2016

The Energy Policy Modernization Act is a bipartisan bill that modernizes our energy policies by recognizing the changes that have taken place in the energy sector over the past eight years.

Moving Energy Forward

Feb 02 2016

Senate Republicans are working to halt government overreach by the EPA, stop the president’s attacks on American energy, and implement a common-sense, modern energy policy to secure America’s energy future.
Senate Republicans promised to vote to repeal Obamacare and fix our failing transportation infrastructure, and we’ve delivered on those promises.
The toll Obamacare is taking on Americans is real, and Senate Republicans are working to repeal this broken law.


Dec 01 2015

Obama's legacy: a failed health care law & failing foreign policy. Premiums are skyrocketing & ISIS isn't contained.

The president’s failed policies threaten Americans’ financial security and our nation’s safety. Senate Republicans are working to repeal Obamacare and defeat ISIS.
ISIS is a real and direct threat to the United States and our allies. Weak U.S. leadership and dangerously underestimating our enemy is not the answer. The president’s strategy to fight ISIS is failing at the same time the administration is threatening to close Guantanamo Bay and bring terrorists to the United States. President Obama's domestic policies continue to hurt Americans at home, most recently with a new energy tax that drives energy costs higher without protecting the environment – a tax Senate Republicans are determined to overturn.