The pictures speak for themselves. So Joe Biden tried to hide them from the American people. But our cameras uncovered the truth. And what we witnessed was heartbreaking. Now-in never-before-seen footage-you can witness it too. -- Border Crisis // Episode 3 Streaming now.
Unaccompanied children used as pawns. Human traffickers making $14mil a day. Drug smugglers emboldened. This is the heartbreaking reality created by Biden border policies. And our cameras had exclusive access to capture it all. -- Border Crisis // Episode 2 Streaming now.
You heard it here first. Our new freshman class is one of the STRONGEST yet. And they're already fighting hard for you in Washington. Get to know the newest Republican members of the Senate!
Exclusive, never-before-seen footage. Real-time reactions from United States Senators. SRC Films is on the ground at the U.S./Mexico border to uncover the truth. Border Crisis // Episode 1 Streaming now.
Since Joe Biden won't say anything about it... we will. It's time to secure our southern border. It's time to enforce our laws. It's time to end this crisis.
"It's been a real privilege to be the United States Senator from Tennessee. Every day, I've woken up thinking I might have a chance to do something good for our country, and I've gone to bed most nights thinking that I have. Thank you, Tennessee."